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Orla O'Donnell, MA (Econ)

Title Author(s) Year Out of Print
Public Service Employment: An Examination Of Strategies in Ireland and Other European Countries Peter C. Humphreys 1983 Yes
Work Motivation and Personnel Practices: A study of Civil Service Executive Staff Evelyn Blennerhassett 1983 Yes
Poverty and Income Maintenance Policies In Ireland 1973-80 John Roche 1984 Yes
Administrators or Managers? An Exploratory Study of Public and Private Sector Decision Making Laraine Joyce 1985 No
Absenteeism in the Public Service: Information Systems and Control Strategies Evelyn Blennerhassett and Patricia Gorman 1986 No
Worksharing and the Public Sector Peter C. Humphreys 1987 No
Senior Civil Servants and Information Technology Evelyn Blennerhassett 1987 Yes
Information on Public Sector Employment and Manpower Peter C. Humphreys and Patricia Gorman 1987 No
Accountability Among Senior Civil Servants Mary Daly 1987 No
Making Change Work: A Study of Planned Organisational Change in the Irish Civil Service Richard Boyle and Laraine Joyce 1988 No
Decentralisation: The Civil Service Experience Laraine Joyce, Peter C. Humphreys and Ann Kelleher 1988 No
Managing Public Sector Performance: A Comparative Study of Performance Monitoring Systems in the Public and Private Sectors Richard Boyle 1989 No
Making the Most of Management Information Richard Boyle 1990 No
Managing Devolved Budgets: The Civil Service Experience Richard Boyle 1991 No
Achieving the Benefits of Information Technology in the Irish Civil Service Seamus Clince, Evelyn Blennerhassett and Niamh Campbell 1992 Yes
Administrative Budgets in the Irish Civil Service Richard Boyle 1993 No
Quality Improvement in the Irish Civil Service: Experience of a Pilot Programme Evelyn Blennerhassett 1993 Yes
Making Evaluation Relevant: A Study of Policy and Programme Evaluation Practice in the Irish Public Sector Richard Boyle 1993 No
Towards a New Public Service Richard Boyle 1995 No
Developing Management Skills Richard Boyle 1995 No
Measuring Civil Service Performance Richard Boyle 1996 No