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Background Information

The CPMR sponsors research on issues of relevance to the development and management of the Irish civil and wider public service. This research is undertaken by the Research Division of the Institute of Public Administration. The need for such applied research has greatly increased since the introduction, a decade ago, of the Strategic Management Initiative (SMI) or public service modernisation programme. This challenging programme seeks to achieve continuous improvements in the management and performance of the public service through a constant focus on achieving results, quality in the delivery of services and making best use of available resources.

The Committee's objective is to help Irish public service managers at all levels to understand and respond to those challenges effectively by promoting relevant research and study of the key issues involved. Formerly known as the Committee for Administrative Research, the Committee was expanded, and renamed, in 1997 to ensure greater breadth and ownership in identifying the public service management issues requiring research. The Committee's membership, in addition to the Department of Finance and the Institute of Public Administration, currently includes representatives of the Departments of the Taoiseach, Environment & Local Government, Health & Children, Transport, Social and Family Affairs, Communications, Marine and Natural Resources and The Office of the Revenue Commissioners as well as distinguished academics from Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin.